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I want to try the sally hanson spray on wash off. Has anyone every tried it, i want to know if it works before i go out and by it. Plus i just hate shaving its such a drag.

Let me know, Thanks.


If your talking about the depilitory, it works somewhat, but you may have to apply it twice. I use Nair, which now comes in nice smelling formulas. It doesn't have that awful stinky odor anymore. Just rub it on, wait about 10 minutes, during this time i usually brush my teeth or something in the bathroom. Sit on the edge of the tub and start to rub it off with warm water and a bath cloth. Put some pressure on the cloth and the hair will lift straight off. Y
My legs feel like a baby's bottom. This smooth feeling last for about 2 days, then the stubble starts to come.