dont thorw away ur products you bought they may be usefull!!

well iv found out that the reason my products i bought are not working becuase i have dead skin/dry skin on my face, so this is wut i reconmend for everyone that has acne, Exfoileting Cloth, what it does is rips off the dry skin from you face i know it sounds like it hurts but it does;nt hurt that much, put it this way, when you see your pimple gone after you used oxy or whatever product you use its not really gone it just sinks in ur skin and re-charges then in a day or 2 it will pop up again after its done re chargeing i know it sounds werid but its the best way to put it, anyways if you get this cloth and rip off you dry skin i was shocked when i saw how much dead/dry skin came off my face, then after you ripped off all the dead/dry skin put your proudct on but beware! it will sting so much more then normal this is because the dry skin is like a shield to the acne and your smooth fresh skin under it, so it protects from the chemicals etc.. from gettin through the soruce of the acne, trust me iv had acne for years and iv been fighting it for awhile now, so here il lsay this again, get the cloth rub it in a circule on your face all the dry/dead skin will fall off and it might sting a little.

i will walk you through it.

1) buy the cloth
2)put it on your face
3) rub it hard in circuler montion
4) dead/dry skin will start to show
5)it will fall and also it will sting a bit
6)once you got all the dry skin off your face you will see that your face will be red this is because you ripped off the dead skin that has been blocking your product from going through.
7) take your product you have and put it on
8) use the cloth every week.

it really works iv started to do it now im not lieing it does work do it for awhile and see for yourself.

PS: if you have a hard time finding that cloth just ask the worker that works at the store your buying from if they have any dry skin cloth for ripping off dry skin.

P.P.S: once you put ur product on it will sting very much dont give up if you want your acne gone then i suggest you act like a man be storng and do it, it will sting like putting alchola on a open cut just to warn you, but it really does work atleast it did for me ever since then iv been using that cloth every week and iv been puttin my product on every day and it showed changes. good luck i hope it works for you like its doing for me.