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I just noticed strange patches on my skin, I don't like doctors but was wondering if anyone has ever experienced something like this before? There are four one on my pelvis one on the back of my thigh one on the back of my calf and one on my bum. They are dry and scaly, its not an std cause I'm still a virgin and very shy. My doctor might say they are nothing. Any suggestions?



the best thing you could do is to see a dermatologist - you can ask for a female one, if you're too shy. But don't let that prevent you in getting a professional opinion. From your description, these patches sound like eczema or psoriasis - psoriasis is known for cracked, dry skin patches that can appear everywhere. The real cause as to why this happens is unknown, but the dermatologist can give you treatment that would help with both dryness and scalyness,

Wish you all the best,