As the topic title suggests, I have a rather light, dry cough throughout majority of the day. However, when I first wake up in the morning, I have a really deep, chesty cough that I not only feel like I'm choking, but it doesn't feel too pleasant to my chest. I'm fine after the fit of deep coughing, up until I'm settled down for sleep at night. At that point, I experience the same deep cough if I've laid down too long and haven't gone to sleep. It feels like some sort of build-up, and the coughing definitely clears it out, whatever it is. Any ideas what all this could be about? I'm told it could just be climate change, seeing that I'm originally from Florida and am currently visiting the UK for a few months. The cough is painful, strange, and simply annoying. Answers, ideas, thoughts, etc. of any sort would be great. Thank you.