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oks some people have a "tight foreskin" the best way to get rid of this is streching..

To strach ur forskin you must pull it back as far as u can and hold it for a couple of minuties do this a couple of times a day. Day after day you will start to see results. Iv been doing it for 2 days and i can not get it 3/4 of the way down the "head"

Oks after you get it over the head if it is ur first time you will probly see alot of white stuff this is not a STD or HIV or anythign like that it is simply fungas. It has grown there as it is the right temp and it is moist. I surgest that you try and have a warm bath adn wash it away as fast as you can.

Also after you retract ur forskin over the head or maby a little before on the back side of ur penis you will probly see a pice of skin attacked from the forskin to the "head" this is natural and called a skin bridge and like most skin it can be streched by just pullign it back as far as u can each day.

Oks Iv heard some rumers that after you get the head out it is very senasive what it will be trust me. Iv herd people say to leave the forskin retracted over night but i have not done this at all and my "head" is getting less sensative each day by just getting it out when im have a barth/shower and leaving if retracted untill it is dry not to keep it moist inside so that fungas can grow (mainly the white stuff). but i do not surgest leaving it retracted over night as the "head" might become swolen and you wont be abel to get the forskin back ver what is a bad thing.

If you get ur forskin over and ur head does become swolen you better be ready for a it of pain because u will have to push down on the head. This will get the blood out of it makign it smaller and giveing u a more likly chance of getting for foreskin back over. note: you will not see blood come out of the penis lol didnt want to scare you.

I Hope this post has helped you all. in some way or the other



When you get your "head" out in the barth try not to use soap or shampoo as it gives some people blisters on the head and makes you penis very iratble


That white stuff under the foreskin is called smegma. It is not a fungus, just normal secretions.