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Hi I masturbate (dry) regulary and have recently been testing how long I can last before ejaculating as such I have been producing a fairly large amount of pre-cum, sometimes when i masturbated I had a very small amount of skin flaking off but have recently noticed that the areas pre-cum has been on and left for a while say ten minutes to half an hour are the areas that dry up and flake this was worrying when the head was covered in the pre-cum (we need a shorter way to say that) it looked very dry and flaky almost like a thin layer of crystals was on it all of this returns to normal after washing, My question- is this normal and can you tell me more about it?

Also very recently I masturbated for a while (not at any exsessive speed) without finishing and the first layer of skin has started to peel from the middle and bottom of the head and the inner foreskin it is not painful, I have washed some of the skin off and it appears it will keep peeling until I have removed the first layer of skin from the whole head so I have left it and came here for advice, what do you think I should do and do I have cause for concern?


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Are you sure it's skin peeling off?

About the areas where pre cum dries, I don't think that is skin flaking off, it's the dried pre cum. Try getting some on your finger and letting it dry. I bet you can make it flake off the finger too. Or drip some of it on a piece of glass and let it dry then scrape it off. That's what's flaking off your penis after it dries.

You say you masturbate dry.

After you pull the foreskin back how do you dry it off? Do you just pull the foreskin back and wait for it to dry or do you wipe it with a towel or something? I think what you see flaking off is just the damp stuff that is under your foreskin as it dries and peels off. You must have some really fine masturbation sessions if you keep it out and skun back long enough to dry off after masturbating.

Try cleaning it off before you dry it and see if anything still flakes off. You can wash it with soap and water. I like to clean mine with rubbing alcohol. I hold my foreskin back tight and scrub the whole shaft and head with cotton balls soaked in the alcohol.

If you are circumcised, you may simply be seeing the dead skin on the surface coming off. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I get the same thing at times. I have for many years and it never hurt anything.

I wonder how many guys masturbate dry.
I began when I was desensitizing my glans. I used to pull the foreskin back tight and clean it with alcohol then touch it and caress it as much as I could stand. As the pain of caressing the bare head began to go away it felt really good and I began masturbating that way. That was over 40 years ago and I've never done it any other way since then.

How did you come to masturbate dry?

When I was a kid most of my friends who were circumcised used to masturbate dry. We didn't have any fancy lubes back then. It always amazed me that they could touch and rub their glans like that but since they didn't have a foreskin to roll over it I guess they had no choice.


Ok I was thinking along the same lines second opinion is reassuring thanks

Its been a while since it started to flake off and now ive left it for a while it seems to have gone back to normal with a small amount of the first layer still broken I think it normally is the pre-cum instead of skin but this time it was the actual skin and it was a bit of a shock I think i will leave it for a day or so and check to see if it has healed

I'm not circumsized so masturbating dry is simply rolling the skin back and forth I tried the way you mentioned before and found it to be far more sensitive will probably be less sensitive over time if done regulary, I havent really thought about it before but I think if you are circumsized it would be better to masturbate with lubrication it is more comfortable for me that way with a foreskin as well it is just much more convenient to masturbate dry which is why I do most of the time

Thanks for the reply I will test the pre-cum later to see if it is the effect of it drying and rubbing alcohol sounds more clean than just water and tissues which is what I have been using to clean most of the time