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i live in melbourne, victoria australia, and it is now 11 1/2 weeks since my bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery on 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot. i am still only walking when absolutely necessary, on my heel and side of the foot.
the ball and toe are very sore and i cannot put any weight on it.
a lot of the swelling has gone down and I am finding it more comfortable.
i had no idea that i would be in so much pain as the surgeon i saw said i "would have to keep my foot up for 6 weeks" and i had no thought that recovery time was so long.
what is the normal expected recovery time? and, is it usually a success as in will i walk again without pain?
kind regards,


My partner suggested I check out the internet to see if I came across someone who has had the op and there was your email. I would be very interested to talk or see you. I live close to the city in Melbourne. I am in the process of getting ready for same op with a few worries. Who did it, where did you get it done etc. My bunions are not painful but look disgusting.

regards Sandie


I had no pain with my surgery but just be prepared for the surgery not to be successful.

My ughly bunions are not so bad but my big toes are still overlaping the toe next to it