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hi im a 16 year old female and i have got a boyfriend which i have had for about 8 months now. we are thinking of becoming sexually active but im too embarrassed to get my body out in front of him as i have a few problems down there.

1. i have an excessive discharge which is white and always soaks right through my pants. i have been to my doctors and had several swabs taken which all came back negative and i have also seen my gyno for a scan and she told me everything was alright and everything was normal so she dismissed me from the hospital. i, myself know that this is not normal as i have had it for about 3 years now everyday all day. i dont know if my boyfriend will notice this because there is always so much?? and also i feel like because there is always so much that he wont enjoy sex due to there being no friction??

2. it has a smell coming from it, it is pleasant but its not like yeast, mucus or fishy or anything like its just completely different from what people have mentioned on this. my doctor told me this is normal as every woman has there only particular smell but it is so strong and i can smell it when im standing up, dont say go to your doctor and get checked for a yeast infection as i was tested for it and others too, i dont know what to do anymore ??

3. i have a much bigger labia minora than my labia majora. it hangs about 2 inches down and it is MASSIVE i feel so self conscious about it and i dont know what to do, i dont want surgery but is this normal or abnormal?? i cant live this way anymore it is destroying my confidence, should i just keep saying no to my boyfriend or do i get undressed and see whether he will see me as abnormal and weird, i dont know what to do help??



your a little young to consider this.......