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Dear all,


I had a hemorrhoidectomy done 13 days ago to remove an internal hemorrhoid. I had the anal skin tags prior to surgery, 3 small ones. I was saddened when I noticed these were not addressed during surgery but they do not cause any discomfort other than the fact that they are slightly itchy and ugly. Today, after my morning BM, I noticed that the one tag has become inflamed. It’s much larger now, to the point that i can feel it when walking and sitting. It’s the same colour as the skin around the anus (reddish pink). I am SO worried I have an external hemorrhoid now.


How do I tell the difference between an anal skin tag and an external hemorrhoid?


If you recently had a hemorrhoid operation performed, this means you are prone to getting hemorrhoids. While internal symptoms don't mean you get them externally as well, it does mean that your body, for whatever the reason, is prone to hemorrhoids.

Based on your description and medical history involving hemorrhoids, it sounds like this one particular affliction you are describing is an external hemorrhoid. While this is obviously not what you want, try to stay positive and concentrate on finding something that works for you.

One particular article that I read a while back was very beneficial and the people I shared it with have expressed similar opinions. Check it, hope it helps: 

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