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Good day, pet lovers.


I have a dog, actually three year old Miniature Bull Terrier. He is a gift from my ex – boyfriend, but still, I really love him. I would give my life for him!


Today, I found out one ugly truth :/ My dog has some heart issues. I am still waiting for some tests, because my vet doesn’t know exactly what is the main problem, but I am still terrified :/

I don’t know what to do.


My friend, she has a lot of experience with dogs, she told me that I should change his eating plan.


Can you tell me what are the best foods for dogs with hearth problems?


Hey darling.


I am really sorry to hear this :/ I hope that you will tell us what is going on as soon as those tests are done.


Don’t worry, as long as you take care of your dog and if you give him proper diet program, he will live good and he will love long, like all other dogs that are healthy. Of course, you need to visit your vet all the time.


You should:

Restricted sodium levels to limit certain fluid retenation,

Add taurine and add L carnitine, amino acides that in some cases can help support heart function,

Add vitamins B and magnesium,

You should always take care of potassium levels, that may be higher or lower than normal. 



Hello everyone.

How are you?

First, I am really, but really sorry to hear this…This is not easy period of life, for you and for your dog.

But, you should know that your dog can live long and very nice, if you treat him properly…

When I say properly, I totally think that you should give your dog certain food, that can help you dealing with this disease...with him…together…

I am not so sure what is the best food, I think that you should consult your vet about this…

But, yes – the food that your dog eats play really important role in his health.




Like other members told you, I am really sorry to hear this :/ But, I believe that you give your dog a proper care. About that diet program, diets that are reduced in salt are usually recommended for dogs with hearth problem.

The man reason is because there is the tendency to retain salt and water with this condition.

If you don’t know what food to prepare, you should know that there are so many brands of pet food that have high salt levels, so you should find a way and learn how to prepare food alone.

Good luck!



Hello. Don’t worry. With proper food, your dog can have a nice and quality life. Like other members already told you, there are a bunch of groceries that you can give to your dog, and those are groceries that dogs with hearth diseases can eat. I will tell you what I know according to my research. For example, dietary support of dogs with hearth problems is complementary to the therapy, and you should minimize sodium intake in the food. You should give your dog diet for a several days, to see what is going to happen with your dog. At first day, you should begin by adding a very small amount of the new diet program to your pet.



Hello. I am here, again :)

I went to see the vet and I asked him about this problem.


Now, I am feeling smart :) because I do know a lot about it :) Well, not too much, but enough :)

To cut long story short, he told me that, for example, you should restrict sodium levels, just to limit fluid retention.

Also, by adding taurine and L – carnitine, amino acids that in some cases can help to support heart functions.

You should also add vitamin B and magnesium to your dog's diet program.


Good luck and I hope that everything will be fine.