I took a "first response" ept last night and it came up negative. I was told to take it with my first pee this morning, so I did. At first there was a very faint "positive" line, then as the negative line got darker it dissapeared.

I had posted a question yesterday, that is taking too long to get added to the board, so I got impatient and took the test.
Basically, my ex and I always had unprotected sex. At the beginning of my last set of pills(I started the inactive ones Sunday), I missed the first 2 in week 1. Took the 3rd one really late. Had unprotected sex before and after that. The last time we had sex was March 5th.
I was never good about taking my pills on time and I missed another one the first day of the 3rd week.
Last week, around Wednesday, I had a really light but slippery brown discharge a couple of times I went pee. And there was a small, like pin size, smear of"tissue" on Thursday.
I should've started my period on Sunday, it's like clockwork. And I've been cramping(worse than usual, it feels as if someone is ringing my insides like a dishrag), haven't had an appetite, Been throwing up most of my food throughout the day and my breasts have been really sensitive.
There has also been no sign of my period coming when I pee. Everything is completely clean.

Do you think I should wait a few days to take another test?