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So 2 weeks after my postpartum bleeding I started my first period. It was pretty heavy and lasted one week. well 4 days after stopping I started spotting again! Now this has been going on for a little over a week... spotting one day and then not the next (on and on). Its sooo frustrating! this ever happen to anyone else?

Also Since i lost my baby at 5 months pregnant we are wanting to try again... but the spotting is making that hard. can I still get pregnant even though im spotting a little?? Im not on my period!


I know how hard you want to try to get pregnant again but maybe some more patience would actually be in the best for your baby. Your uterus is still trying to return to state it was before pregnancy. Even after postpartum bleeding some contractions continue and first period but also changes in size of your uterus can cause this spotting. Heavy bleeding usually leaves small amounts of blood that come out as breakthrough bleeding or spotting. Just give yourself a little more time and allow your uterus to regenerate itself before next pregnancy.