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Hey All,

I was meant to get my tonsils out next Friday, but they rescheduled for it in about a months time....... I'm excited, as I've had soooooooooooo many tonsil probs... anyways! prob is, I'm meant to be flying down to Sydney (Im in Australia) for an engagement party 7 days after my surgery... but I dunno if that is safe or not? anyone have any info, would be greatly appreciated ;-)


This is probably too late to be any help but you should probably not fly within 3 weeks of having the op because of the risk of bleeding. So says my specialist.

I'm in a similar boat... I have a trip to Sydney (I'm in NZ) planned for 23-28 May for my 21st bday and a cousins wedding... I only just found out that I need to get my tonsils out. The question was whether to get the operation done sooner rather than later (to save me weeks more pain) and miss going to Sydney... or put up with it for 3 more weeks until we get home and have it done then. Against what seems rational... I'm thinking of waiting.