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My mom is having what her doctor told me is a guttate psoriasis flare-up after we had to bring her to the hospital since her throat infection didn't seem to go away even after the antibiotics. She has psoriasis for the last 10 years and she's had bad flare-ups, but honestly, this one seems far more dangerous. She is now constantly on the steroids and will have to go for UV light therapy for the most part of the week, but none of this is helping to get this a guttate psoriasis flare-up into remission. If anybody can help me understand - how long does guttate psoriasis last and will these flare-ups come back this strong? Will all this treatment have any effect at all or will she need to do this over and over again?



So your mom is having a guttate psoriasis flare-up.  I had a bout of this about 5 years ago and it was caught early.  With treatmen I was cured within 5 weeks.  I heard some people say it can take upto 4 months to go away and yet others have it for life.  It's difficult to say how long your mom will have it.  Getting the right treatment certainly helps.  Other than that I don't know what to tell you.  Psoriasis has to do with an over active immune system and the immune system is very complex.  Many factors can affect it.  Stress can bring this about as well as sickness and you mom just had a throat infection.  It may take a little longer than usual in her case.