Im 14 and all my life I have liked boys and been atrracted/turned on by them and had a few big crushes too.But for the past two days I have been questionig whether I am staight or not and the thing is I dont have any crush on girls and dont think about kissing them or anything because I just find it weird and arkward.But like in my mind I am almost like blocking out thinking about guys sexually even though I did like two days ago and I think its because my mind gets distracted and thinks are you a lesbian.And also after I finished primary school my highschool is an all girls school but Im not atrracted or anything to girls there.But I dont have a crush on any guys at the moment because I dont really know any or talk to them because Im not pretty and stuff,even though I for my whole highschool life have been sexualy atrracted to all these guys that I dont know personally but go to an all boys school which we have school discos with.Anyway I dont understand why keep thinking im a lesbian but dont actually like/want girls.And I now constanly keep on asking questions to myself about being lesbian and I cant stop crying and feeling depressed about me possibly being one,even though I dont think I am.But my mind wont let it go and my head feels like its about to explode and I cry and feel really panicky?