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i'm 17 year old girl and i have been with guys since i've been dating. just recently i have seriously found girls attractive and when my bf and i get busy, all i think about are girls. what do i do?


I consider myself pansexual. My attraction to people is pretty much based entirely on likes not looks...however, I know about a thousand true lesbians, and I think I have an ok grasp on sexuality as a whole. 

I think you shouldn't be too quick to label your sexuality. 

You're only 17. 

If you love your boyfriend, and genuinely want to stay with him, do that. But if you constantly find yourself longing to replace him, or experiment, or something, act on it! Date a few chicks. Try it out. When you find yourself in bed with a gender you've never tried,  you can compare your emotions between the two. 

Don't link sex and love, though. Just because you think about girls doesn't mean you can't love him. I think sexuality is all a matter of what you're comfortable with, what you prefer, and what dominates you. If you've never tried being with another female, you can't atomically label yourself a lesbian if you have attraction to a girl. 

Maybe you're bi, maybe you're hetero, maybe you're gay. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Although most won't admit it, nearly everyone has your described sexual curiosity, at least once in life.