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i have been slightly worries about two things for a while now, and it would be good to get some reassurance/advice.

firstly, on the shaft of my penis there are bumps. very small, off white colour. they look a bit like goosebumps except no hairs, and they are always there, erect or not. i cant remember ever not having them, and they dont hurt when rubbed, only when picked at (haven't done that again). im not sure if this is just something normal or something i need to see a doctor about.

secondly, as in the title, my foreskin doesn't retract when i get an erection. it is well over the tip when i don't have an erection, and slightly under when i do. this may be a result of the fact that when i use a urinal, i squeeze along the tip and foreskin to get rid of any droplets.

if anyone has any advice on these things it would be great to hear.


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If you go through these PENIS PROBLEMS FAQ, I'm sure you'll find some useful information.


Hi, you have nothing to worry about. I have both of those problems. First with the bumps. Ihave them when my penis is erect, and many other people have the same problem. But it is nothing medical/harmful, or anything you should worry about. Foreskin: yet again I have the same problem, but so do many other people. I'm still looking to see if there is anything u can do about it. I'll let you know what I find.
If you would like to talk about any problems u can e-mail me at.

your not alone