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Okay, I have been living with this situation for a couple years now. Im 14 years old, and I've been to my urologist an he recommended a cream. Yes I use it the first couple of weeks but then I forget. I cannot pull my skin back soft, or fully erected at all. When it's fully erected I can kinda see my head but not all the way I believe not even close. My urologist suggested I get a surgery( I believe curcumsising) and I've heard horrid stories of that procedure. Firstly I've heard that it takes away a lot of pleasurable penis nerves or something like that, and it may even cause death an excessive amount of bleeding. My dad says he might schedule a surgery but I don't want to. Also when I touch my head it's extremely sensitive. Ive had chances to lose my virginity but I think it would hurt since it hurts to pull back y skin. Are there any exercises I can do to fully pull my skin back and fourth without any struggle or pain? I believe the surgery should be a last resort to any man.


Hi Cube,

STOP!  You don't need a circumcision, at least not yet.

What you have, not being able to pull back your foreskin, is VERY COMMON in young men under about 16.  Unfortunately your doctor probably doesn't know that.  

Work on stretching it.  It takes time but it will happen.  Check this entire thread:

The sensitivity is due to your glans (head) being protected all your life.  The nerves are not used to touching things so when they do, they are painful.  You'll have to start letting the head be exposed a bit.  Yes, it will be uncomfortable at first but eventually it will be fine.

Hope it helps.