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:$ okayy, well i am 15, and when i get a boner, the skin doesnt go backk, i thought it was normal untill recentlyy. Even when i dont have one it is hard to stretch back, im starting to really stretch at it, even though it hurts, but in the bath today i stretched it back behind the head, and its starting to hurt less and less. Am i doing the right thing? or should i see help? But it is harder to stretch back when its ejaculated because its bigger of course, i think im doing the right thing, i dont know.


I have a similar problem and also kinda worried; although i've not that long ago turned 16 so it may be a worse situation for me :$

Although i did read that by the age og 18 it should be able to retract fully, i hope this helps but i'm kinda stuck on this one too >:(