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Hi i'm 16 and both when erect and non-erect i can't retract my foreskin over its head. This causes me no pain whatsoever when masturbating or when urinating although i am worried that when it comes to having sex, that the foreskin will be forced back and cause lots of pain. However my body isn't fully developed yet and i'm wondering if it will get any better at my age.


Ive gotta say when i was younger (12) i was scared that if i pulled back the foreskin the tip of my penis would fall off lol.

Anyway your question....You say that when masterbating and urinating you can pull back the foreskin but cannot retract it anyother time. This could be because when you are performing acts on yourself etc your not thinking about the movement of the foreskin. I have gotta say that when i first started to have a play i found that when limp i could pull back the foreskin but when it got errect i found it painfull. I got over this by taking my time and gradually stretching the foreskin over while erect..By the time it came to having a sexual relationship the only thing i had to worry about was the pause while slipping the condom on.