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I am a 17 year old uncircumsised male, and when erect I cannot fully retract my foreskin, i.e. over the glands, but it does go back about cm from the glands with minimal discomfort. While flaccid I regularly retract the foreskin all the way to clean although the bit of skin connecting the  foreskin gets a little tight. Will sex be painful or complicated if I cannot fully retract while erect?


Yes, I recommend that you begin stretching excercises to SLOWLY expand that foreskin.  By stretching it only to the point where it might begin to hurt, you can gain some slack over time.  After several weeks, you'll find it easier and easier to retract when you're erect.

However, if you still have problems with the frenulum still attached, then, and only then, will you want to go to your family doctor and ask for a little snip.