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I pulled back my foreskin all the way for the first time yesterday, and I am 17 years old. A while ago I noticed I should be able to pull my foreskin back so I did stretches once and a while to loosen it up. Yesterday I was just playing with it but pulled it back a little to far and it went over all the way. It felt kind of weird at first but not too bad then i touched it and it hurt sooooo much, worst pain ever, then I started to get an erection and I guess it really started to stretch it out and it hurt like hell. I didn't know what to do cause I couldn't put my pants on. I let it go down and it was still behind the head so I tried to pull it back and I was able to. I did it once more today and it still hurt alot. How do i get used to this, because I am going to have to some how.


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You get used to it by doing exactly what you are doing.

Keep stretching the tip until it goes back comfortably and no longer hurts from the stretching when you have it behind the head and get an erection.

Keep exposing the head and touching it to get it used to being touched.

I did it by bringing it out in the open and touching it a lot..

One thing I found was that since it is normally moist this makes it sticky to the touch which increases the discomfort immensely when you touch it, or something rubs against it . I figured that drying it out would help a lot. By the time I decided to do this I had already stretched my foreskin so I could pull the tip of it all the way back to the base, near my belly. To help with the drying I figured it would be good to clean any stickiness off of it. I used cotton balls saturated with rubbing alcohol to clean the whole inside of my foreskin, which was now pulled back so it was on the surface of the shaft. Then I gently cleaned the glans, I paid special attention to cleaning behind the glans as smegma likes to build up there. The alcohol feels cold at first then gives a warm and somewhat tingly feeling that's not at all unpleasant.

It may take a while because you can't keep it out like this forever, you do have to put it away to go out in public, and your mother probably would object to you walking around the house like this. But the more time you can devote to this, the sooner it happens.

After I let it dry I could run my fingers, which were also super clean from the alcohol, over it lightly to get it used to being touched. I also found that rubbing it with a piece of soft flannel was a comfortable means of touching it. Of course all this touching made me pretty turned on so the natural progression was to masturbate using the soft flannel. Since I looked forward to that, I kept at it often and it wasn't too long until it was desensitized so that I could masturbate without the flannel using my bare hand on my dry head and shaft.