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hi im 13 turning 14 and my foreskin will not go back if im soft or erect, it can go back until i see the tip of my penis idk if i can pull it any further cuz it feels abit wierd while im doing it and i get really scared that it might get stuck below the head which im really afraid of.ive also heard that there can be a build up of this thing called smegma or something like that and i heard that it smells like really really bad and if thats in my penis then i want to clean that up straight away but as i said before im too can someone help me with this, should i just pull my foreskin back even if it hurts or should i just go to the doctor???


Hello Nickolas,
                      The way i got my foreskin to easily slide over the head of my penis was to get an erection, then next pull the skin back. I did this for 3 - 4 days and then one day it slide right over the head and i was happy. It may hurt at first and might not be recommended i guess, but thats what i did.