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Hi all !i'm 18 years old and discovered that i have a short frenulum when I tried to have sex without a condom for the first time, I don't have phimosis at all, it's really my frenulum, when flaccid, if I roll it back all the way, no pain, but we saw that my glans curved down due to frenulum, and in erect, it was to tight, my foreskin cannot go further than just below the glans the frenulum bock it and painSO!I just had a frenuloplasty the 12 november, 6 days agoi'm thankful that it healed up pretty quickly, doesn't swell, doesn't became yellow, no smell-------------BUT, that's why I came here, yesterday i succesfully managed to be able to slowly roll back all the way when flaccif but When on erect, it's same that before, cannot roll back more then further the glans -_-So i called my urologist and he said me to not stretch until it makes one month because it need to be completely healbut on the internet i see the opposite, people say to stretch it twice a day, so what's the deal ?I still have my four stichesSo what to do ? :Don't completely stretch it all the way down it until it make one month ?orstretch it twice a day, all the way when flaccid but no stretch on erect until my stitches disappears ?or stretch it twice a day, all the way when flaccid and errect even if i still have stitches ?A big thank you in advance!Ohh and I apologize for my bad English, i'm french x)


hey , how is it going and what did you do? i m in a same situation right now , plz help.