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I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant with baby number 5.  I had a miscarriage and D&C 5 months ago.  I have felt this pressure feeling in the genital area for a few days now.  t kind of feels like everything "down there" is swollen.  It's not comfortable.  I am so scared that this is abnormal and a sign of miscarriage.  Has anyone else had these symptoms so early in pregnancy?


As far as my experiences went, I find this TOTALLY normal! And if you put it into perspective, your baby is 11 weeks old, and is needing more food and your abdomen and pelvis is where ALL the blood goes too - to feed the growing fetus!

I have NEVER heard of these symptoms for a miscarriage! And I understand that you are nervous after your recent trauma! BUT just because you had one loss does NOT mean you will have another! Because when they did the D&C they run blood tests etc. And most of the time try and find out if there was some reason for the loss! Which most of the time there isn't any reason! So just try and relax OK? You are getting to the end of your 1st trimester, and soon can be telling the world you are pregnant - or like me I told EVERYONE at 3 weeks!!! LOL BIG hug and please let me know how you make out and IF you have any other questions I LOVE talking about pregnancy and babies etc.! Take care honey!