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I’d wish I had a much better topic but unfortunately I need to ask something about my girlfriend. She has been diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder and it look like she has been suffering from it for quite a while. And I guess that explains a lot about her character. Can you tell me something about this condition; I guess I want to know if it is treatable.


Well, there is nothing else for this type of problem but a therapy, which will try to reveal what is the cause of the problem, why does the patient act the way he/she does. There are several therapies that could help here, but honestly, this is something that is not easily dealt with. True cause is not easily established, although some say that biological and genetic factors may have an important role in developing this condition.


Anti-Social Personality Disorder is also known as Psychopathy or Sociopathy. This disorder is a serious condition, people with this disorder often get arrested. Most people with anti-social personality can be found in jail or prison. Here are some syymptoms regarding your girlfreind`s disorder

1.Lack of Empathy
2. Recklessness
3.Compulsive lying
4.Wont take responsibility for own`s actions
5.Not knowing right from wrong
6.Shallow Emotions
7. Lack of couscience

The warning signs of this disorder are from the Macdonal Triad, which consist of

1.Abnormal amounts of bedwetting
2.Killing and Torturing animals
3.Setting things on fire

These 3 warning signs of anti-social personality disorder usually show up within the child at age..8 or so. This would be called a conduct disorder, or optional difiant disorder, if the behavior continues at age 18, than the conduct disorder will become anti-social personality disorder. Just curious, is your girlfreind a psychopath or sociopath?


Just curious, is your girlfreind a psychopath or sociopath?

What does this matter? The term sociopath is not a valid term according to the DSM IV-TR. If your going to act intelligent, try getting your facts straight first.
Secondly, probably checking spelling might make you more credible.