Hello, I'm hoping for some insight on my 'condition'.

A couple months ago my throat became swollen and so uncomfortable it was difficult to breath. turns out, i have Multinodular Goiter. There is one dominant node, that is slightly cold. I have been reccommended to go through a nuclear scan again in 5 months. I also had a throat infection which was adding to the uncomfortable swelling.

After some antiboitics, and adding iodized salt to my diet, the swelling went down and i was able to breath again. But the swollen glands and discomfort is still there.

I am now set for tonsil surgey.

I am worried that i'm not getting to the cause of the problem. I understand tonsillitis can cause many strange side effects, but, its such a scary and unfamiliar thing to have your throat swollen in so mnay areas....

Any thoughts would be appreciated.