Hello I had tonsillitis last week and just finished a course of antibiotics, on the last day I was at work which is a hospital and the air conditioning irritates my throat (night shift) so I napped today and was fine as usual and this evening I have had a sudden on set of a lump in my throat down near my voice box on the right side. It doesn't affect my breathing but it is uncomfortable and then painful when I swallow. I was working nights and haven't sleep today much as I am trying to get back into days. I have been staying hydrated but am incredibly worried eventhough I know it's not a major problem right now. My throat is red and my glands are slightly swollen, no temperature at all so I am a mild hypochondriac. After the first three days on antibiotics my symptoms of tonsillitis and tonsil stones had gone so I don't think it is tonsillitis or any infection as I have literally finished a course at 5am in the morning and it's now 11.55pm. Has anyone had anything like this before and any advice? I gargled salt water and use a antiseptic spray a few times a day but it is low down my throat. I have to be up at 4am to go on holiday.