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Hello, My name is Lori, I am going to be 27 years old. I just recently found out that I am pregnant. My boyriend and I have only been together about 3 months. He is 36. I told him that I was pregnant and he is not happy about it... which I didn't expect him to jump up in down about it. I am a single mother of a 4 year old, divorced and wouldn't change anything in the world. So here is my dilemma, my boyfriend said he isn't ready to be a dad to his own child, keeps saying we need to do the right thing and that is an abortion.... I have been down that road before, yes, I had an abortion due to a right reason a few years ago and I would never wish it upon any woman ever. It will stick with you for the rest of your life... I explaineed to him how painful and emotional it is and that I don't want one.... nothing is going to change his mind, it makes me sad and sick at the same time that he can't even take responsibilities and stand behind my decissions. All I want is his support. I don't know what to do. :-(

Please if anyone has advice, please help me!!!!


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Hey there, First off I'm SO sorry to hear about your first abortion but GLAD that you learned from your decision and figured out that you do NOT want an abortion. For your boyfriend to say it is the RIGHT decision is compleatly rediculous to say the least. DO NOT get an abortionsimply because HE wants you to.... its your body you know how it makes YOU feel so do what YOU want to do.

He obviously doesnt care about you that much if he wont even attempt to understand how you feel on this situation.  Have you tried explaining to him that all you want/need is his support?

He is most deffinatly scared about having HIS OWN baby and is probably why he doesnt want one right now.

Did he say why he wasn't ready to have a child? is he Ok with your 4 year old?