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I had hammertoe surgery 12 days ago - and am in more pain than I thought I would be. I am woken up every night when the throbbing starts in my toes (it was the one next to the big toe), and walking is definitely a problem. The stitches are supposed to come out next week, but I want to ask others who have had this done when the walking gets easier. Do I have to wait untl the pin comes out? That's the biggest part for me, as I have a dog that needs walking, and being inactive is difficult for me.


Hi I had my big toe bunion op and hammer toe next to it operated on 1st May  Today 13th May I have had my stitches removed from my hammer toe and steristrips from buinion op on big toe.didnt hurt. Pin left in hammer toe may come out next Weds if xray is ok  They told me I must elevate and rest as much as possible. I think i was nuaghty as i was walking around on it with surgical shoe. Like you my pain throbs at night in bed even though my foot is comfy on two soft pillows. I usually get up to take cocodamol. today no bruising was seen and most of the swelling has gone thank god. Im resting all day today as it feels like a stinging sensation.  I wasnt told when I will be up for walking properly which like you I miss. Good luck