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i have had dry skin on the palm of my hands for over one year now and the doctor says its eczema, they have giving me over 30 different creams to try and about 5 different tablets over the past 12 months, and still its bad they get a bit better but not cured and then after a few days they start itching again. i cant sleep good at night because they are extreamly itchy which means i sleep through the day wen possible. im gettin so stressed out thinking is this ever goin to go away please if you have had similiar problem advise me what i can do thanx


I have had the same only it got infected and spread all over my body before I had to go to hospital to be told it was severe infected eczema. The combination of Diprobase and steroid cream half an hour after the diprobase helped a bit. I have also been taking hemp oil capsules and consuming hemp oil from a supermarket and rubbing it on my skin. This has made a massive difference. I also tried Sudocrem to ease the itching for a while, which helped. The only down side is the sudocrem left my skin a lot dryer. The best thing I have tried is the hemp oil by far. It contains natural vit E as well as the best ratio of omega 3,6 and 9 of any foods available. I have also cut down carbohydrates and more specifically most starchy foods, which has helped me lose weight, reduce IBS related pains and migraines and I also believe has helped my skin.