I'm not too sure how to explain this but for the past year now my hangovers have progressively got worse. I'm 20 years old, 8st, slim build female. So I'm quite young to get a hangover like my parents I would've thought. When I used to get them, they would go half way through the day, I'd feel awful up until lunch then they'd wear off and I'd feel fine by about 4pm. But now I could have 1 alcoholic drink and I'll be on deaths door for 2 days! Takes me so long to recover from hangovers now even off of 1 drink or 5 drinks. Does anyone know what the causes of this is? Or If my bodies lacking in anything? I don't want to sound stupid but could I have an underlying alcohol poisoning cause that comes out everytime I even have a sip of alcohol? Or does anyone know how I could prevent this as it's stopping my social life, I can't attend any of my friends or family's birthday and if I do I just can't drink and I probably make the whole night c**p by being the only one not able to drink because of scary hangovers. Any information will be greatly appreciated