I am having these bowel symptoms lately, like it feels like I have to go all the time after bowel movement. I have been straining for a while. I had to strain whether it is hard or soft stools. Until last August, I have urinary problems. it is hard to start urination, sometimes when I try to urinate, I also feel like I have to poop. I had a small bump outside the meatus so I went to the doctor, he said that he needs to excise it as this is the cause of my urination problems but after the operation. My symptoms are still there, so I wen to see him again and he dilated me. it was a painful Experience, but still after dilatation, the symptoms are still there, hard to start urination, feeling constant urge to pee even when I just peed. I am taking Fozal as medication given to be by the doctor to relax the bladder muscle, my prostate is good, kidneys and bladder as well in the ultrasound. but my problem is the starting of peeing. Please help me. My life is miserable.