I'm 21,
I have no problems retracting my penis, however,
when erect, my foreskin fully covers the penis head, and there's some foreskin beyond the tip of the head.
I like having foreskin, but I have too much foreskin, that can cause discomfort. Sometimes when urinating the stream of urine goes all over the places, and also while having sometimes I have to pay attention so that I keep the skin retracted manually, because it goes back up by itself from time to time.

I was wondering what can I do to remove only a very minor part of the foreskin.. I just want a very minimal part removed in order to have the optimal functionality. There is partical cirmucision as a solution from what I've heard, but I've read that it's pretty painful and it takes about a month to recover. Is there a more pain-free solution to my issue?

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show the following pictures, they're put here to provide better illustration:

I found a picture of a normal uncircumcised penis on the Internet that has closely as much foreskin as I do, the picture is presented for better illustration of how my penis look like.

This is also a normal uncirmucised penis, it seems to have less foreskin than the other one,and this more or less how I want my penis to look, and the amount of foreskin that I want to have