Hi I'm 16 and I have pretty tight foreskin and a very sensitive penis. Last year when first noticed this, I have retracted the foreskin a lot ever since and it has gotten  a lot looser and I think I might be able to pull it back all the way but when I pull it back when I'm hard , the furthest it gets is about half way. Also I have seen a lot of people on other websites saying it might get stuck under the head of the penis and that's what I'm afraid of as my penis is very sensitive  and I don't want to touch it that much as I would be in a lot of pain. I have been retracting my penis in the bath and letting the water run over the head of my penis try make it less sensitive for a while now but it hasn't really worked and I think I'm going to have let the water hit the head of my penis directly for it to work but that is very uncomfortable for me. Is there any quicker way to make my penis less sensitive and to loosen my foreskin even more without going to the doctor?? because I really don't want to go to one as I will feel awkward and I don't feel comfortable about my family knowing about this.