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ive been going out with this guy for a while now nd he wants to have sex......... what sud i do im 13 nd dont want to loose him but i dnt wana do it...


Hi kt2K7,

In my opinion, I would not have sex. It sounds to me like you are not ready, there is something inside that is telling you no. You know, at your age, there are alot of changes going on in your body and mind hormonally and such. All of these changes are normal. But it still sounds to me like your own "beeper system" in your body is telling you no. I would pay close attention to what your being told "inside".

LET ME TELL you, if this guy TRULY respects you and loves you..... he WILL NOT pressure you, and you WILL NOT lose him. Reason being that he would be looking out for your best interest. If he says he is going to leave you.....THEN JUST LET HIM GO YOUNG LADY. I promise you that there are guys out there who will respect you.

Yes, these guys have hormones kicking in at this young age, just as girls do, but I believe in a little something call "self control". If you are uncomfortable with having sex......YOUR BODY AND SOUL ARE TELLING YOU SOMETHING. Protect your precious "gift".

Blessings to you,