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This all started a year ago. I had a head pressure that would not go away. Below are all the symptoms.

The Majority of time I feel:
-A brain fog/ numbness in my head.
-The sensation is distrubing but it also causes dfficulty thinking, remembering.
-Uncoordinatedness typing, (letters are switched).
-Usually a mild to medium head pain. Sometimes a heavy head pain.
-Difficulty excercising

Things that come and go:
-Throat pain
-Ear popping / ear pressure
-Mild fever feeling (No actually fever, just feel warm)
-The head pressure extends to the front of my nose. (Usually when I meditate /relax)
-I can feel the blood coursing through my veins in my head and face.
-Sometimes get bodyaches

Currently taking Nortriptyline 40mgs for depression/anxiety some of the side effects from that are:
-Difficulty getting out of bed in morning, feel real tired.
-Not Feeling like myself, feeling drugged, spacey.

Other items of interest:
-Sometimes when I eat it seems the pain diminishes, or at least I get distracted.
-Same with masturbation.
-Sometimes it seem I feel better when I ly down.

I have had an MRI which came back negative and blood tests. So I have been told it is depression/anxiety. Does this sound accurate? Are there other things I should be having checkes out that it could be?



In my opinion, a neurologist should run more tests to see what is going on


I am having similar symptoms plus some. Please let me know if you have since gotten any more info on what it may be.