Hello.. I'm a 19 year old male and I've been suffering from a mild pressure in my head in different regions from time to time (not a constant feeling), and when the pressure is gone, I get a weakness feeling like I'm about to faint if I don't move my body or exercise. Other signs and symptoms, seeing blue dots sometimes, dilated sclera, constant ear infection on my right ear and at the same outer region everytime and a my neck feels pinched and weird sometimes. My systolic blood pressure has been rising from time to time like for example 150/80 or 140/90. Sometimes it's normal (120/70). I did an MRI of tha brian to rule out anything serious and thankfully nothing's wrong there. I also went to the cardiologist, he did an ecocardiograph of my heart and major veins and arteries all through out my body. Did normal blood test, thyroid hormones, urea, glucose, HbA1c, minerals, ions, cholesterol... Everything's normal.

Before all these started (mid April), I had an allergy like no other 1 week prior these symptoms started. It literally affected my left ear and throat (I felt it for one second). Could that be something?? Please help. I'm so fed up.

I went to the eye doctor, no papilledema. The ear doctor diagnosed me with otomycosis. Gave me an ear drop but the infection keeps on coming back every now and them.