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Hello, im a male, im 19 and for the past week or so, ive had this heavy feeling in my chest. I feel run down at times, and even tired. I Just dont feel healthy. Im scared that something could be wrong. I just dont feel right. It feels sometimes as if i cant really mentally focus on things. I can still function fine, but it's not the same. I have left sided chest pains off and on. The only time, I actually dont feel this way is when I first wake up. But soon after the heaviness is there. I dont really have problems breathing, it just feels as if something is sitting on my lower chest high stomach region. It scares me because my family has a history of health problems. My parents keep telling me there is nothing wrong with me, but I need to make sure 100%. I am making a doctors appointment for tomarrow. SO if anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated if you would share those with me. Thank you!


It's funny, my 15 year old daughter is now feeling the same thing. I found this post today. Did you find out what happened? What was going on with you? I know this post is old, but please let me know what happened.

Worried mom