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I gave an itchy pile for 10 months but now its worse and I have a small lump on it Can any one help


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Look, it needs to be looked at by a doctor to figure out what kind of hemorrhoids these are, so you can get a proper treatment. Treatment differs for internal and external and protruding hemorrhoids and until you figure out what kind you have, it is no use talking much about it.

It is usually external hemorrhoids that are itchy because this area is often moist as it has no air. However, prolapsed hemorrhoids may be itchy as well. Prolapsed are internal hemorrhoids that bulge outside the anus.

If you can push back this lump you are feeling inside the rectum, then it is prolapsed. If you can’t, it must be external.

If blood clots have formed, your hemorrhoids may easily crack and bleed and you will notice it while wiping after bowel movements.

The most common thing one should do when they develop hemorrhoids is (except for seeing a doctor) always wash the anal area after bowel movements and take sitz baths a few times a day. Get some hydrocortisone creams for relieving the itching.