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My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 2 months ago and the doctors say that metastasis has already spread. They gave her only year or two. He's opted out of getting chemo. I cannot talk her out so I'm trying to find some alternative ways for treatment.

I've read about the hemp oil in articles were authors claims it can 'cure' all kinds of cancer and I'm wondering has anyone tried it? If so, what are the outcomes? Does it worth a try? I don't want false hope, but I want to help her in any way I can.



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Hi, Mitchel.

You must talk your mother out of that idea. There's no reason for her to opt out of getting chemotherapy. Unless she's too old or too sick. If not, she must try with chemo.

As for hemp oil, there is a bunch of websites which promotes miracle healing of cancer, but I don't believe in it. Although I respect natural medicine, when it comes to the matter of life or death I would always choose doctor's opinion over herbalist's word.

To sum up, I didn't find enough scientific evidence that hemp oil can cure any form of cancer.



where do you think taxol came from, the yew tree, vincristine, vinca minor, almost 66 % of current meds have originated from the plant kingdom, and btw, a doctor's opinion is biased and influenced by the big pharma.