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my 17yr old son works as an apprentice mechanic and last week lifted a heaby tool box with a colleague, couple of days later he has a large painful lump in his groin. he went to gp who advd that he has an infection, do you think it is more than this and could be an iguinal hernia, and how long should we leave it if it doesnt clear with the anitbiotics given to him?


If the lump was not there before your son lifted the heavy box, then it could very well be an inguinal hernia. If that is the case, I am very surprised the doctor diagnosed it as an infection. Be assured that antibiotics will not fix a hernia!

I would seek the opinion of another doctor. It should be very easy to diagnose and confirm. An inguinal hernia is most common in the intestine. This protrusion through the lower abdominal wall can be very painful. The only test that is usually required is a physical exam that includes coughing or straining to make the hernia more prominent.

Get it taken care of as soon as possible. Damage to the intestines can occur if the hernia goes without treatment.