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Im a bit worried abt myself the few days, just this time i experienced itchy and saw some white bump and one like pimple bump. And it was itchy and red patches also...and kinda flaky (some)..i am 15 and i am so confused with everything's happening to me >___< i dont wanna get herpes 


Dear girlyea,

I just stumbled across your post and would like you to think about what options you have.  At age 15 years, there is ' a lot ' going on both physically and emotionally.  You have 'peer pressure' which is a horrid period of life, UNLESS you have strong morals and values that are already set in your psyche by your parents or whomever raised you.  It is never too late to decide for yourself (at this time in your life, or at anytime in your life) that you are in control of your own body, spirit and soul.  No one else has the absolute power to make YOU do anything that you do not want to do.

If you can, see a doctor or family care practitioner for 'any' medical problems.  

Herpes is a virus that is probably already in your system, as it is the 'chicken-pox' virus.  Once you have had the virus, it continues to live in your Central Nervous System.  Later in life, dependent upon certain stressers, it may reappear as 'Shingles', but let us not worry about that now.  It is no more than a nuisance and carries no stigma, like the Herpes Simplex virus.  Did you know that the same Herpes Simplex Virus that you can have on one of your lips (if you do not have this, I'll bet you know some friends that do...).  Because this is shown outwardly on the lip, it does not carry the same 'oh no!' stigma that Herpes Simplex does when it is in the genital area and I mean on the outer or inner lips of your vagina, around your anus and anywhere in between.  

The Herpes Virus is said to be very painful, though it does come with the 'itching' that you describe, rarely would one get Herpes Virus in only the 'pubic area where your pubic hair grows'. (Meaning the pubic area that is not all between your legs but mostly on 'top of this area, where the public hair grows and you can see it, without the aid of a mirror').  The 'other' pubic area is between your legs at the entrance to your urethrae  your vulva and vagina and the area between your vaginal opening and your anus'.


I am NOT a diagnostition, however from the date of your query until now is an important time.  A 'virus' whatever type, usually only lasts for about 7 days from the first time you are aware of it, until your system has battled the virus and won, or, as with Herpes Simplex, puts this virus into remission.  Meaning, it is possible that you will have other occurances of this virus throughout your life.  Sounds horrid, but really isn't. The MOST IMPORTANT thing that you can do, is go to a doctor, if you wish that no-one knows, go to one of the free clinics in your city.

Questions that need to be clarified would be:

1.   Are you sexually active?

1a.  Are you on Birth Control?  If you are sexually active, believe it or not, 'having sex' just one time with a boy can cause an unwanted pregnancy that will change the entire path that your life was taking.  Talk to someone, even if it is me, about Birth Control. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT if you are sexually active, unless you want a baby because 'babies are do cute' and 'he will have to love me if I have the baby' or 'remember that babies grown up into screaming, crying toddlers; is this what you want at age 15 or 16 ?

2.   Is the 'itchy', red rash that includes an ingrown hair or pimple in your genital area, or more in the skin that is covered with pubic hair, and not 'into the vulva, or anus area'?

3.   Do you remove the hair in your pubic area? Do you shave it off? Do you have the area 'waxed' to remove hair?

4.   Today is November 7, 2012 and if it were the Herpes virus it would be long gone by now. If the itching still continues and the 'red and white blisters' are continuing to annoy you, please consult a provider or medicine.

5.   Again, before posting your question or question in this type of forum, thus possibly getting many poor answers,you may also call your local pharmacist at your local drugstore and anonymously ask 'him or her' these questions.  If you are shy (and I hope you are at age 15, you may ask to speak to the female pharmacist on duty.  Seeing a professional medical person, possibly a Nurse Practitioner, if money is what is keeping you from seeking medical attention.

6. Your Mom CAN be your best Allie many times in life.  She will ALWAYS be there for you, even though it is seemingly uncomfortable, at times to speak with her; at age 15 years old, she should be telling you about sex and 'where babies come from', you know, 'the old birds and bees talk' like that from the 'old days'.  You probably think you know everything about that, but you don't!  If not your Mother, do you trust the school nurse?  How about a close girl friends mother that you feel comfortable talking with.  I lost my Mom thirteen (13) years ago today; I miss her everyday.  If you do contract herpes I can assure you that would be a 'minor speed-bump in life compared to losing your best friend right in front of your eyes.  Sorry to mention that, but life is not 'all about you" all of the time, though it sure seems so right now!

7.  If you would like to further talk with me, I would be happy to offer guidance of any kind that you may wish for. I am old enough to have a daughter your age, quite easily.  I extend my hand to you.  Just reply to this 'answer' and, since I do not know your entire medical history, I am just offering 'suggestions' and offering 'resources' for you, so that you may learn about your body and what it is doing right now.  I can offer answers to "what's going on down there?"

My last suggestion just came to mind.  I think that this would be very important to every girl from 13 years on up.Research these different 'venereal diseases' on your own, during your private time.  If you have a 'family' computer and you NEVER wish for anyone to find out what you are doing, then make sure to dump your 'history' of the 'websites' that you visit during these searchable periods.  Good luck to you, Kid!

My wish for you, is that you do find a woman who is hopefully your Mother, if not 'someones' Mom to help you through the changes that your body is going through and just like any other venereal disease, lots of other can be cured with medication and herpes (if you ever get it) can be 'treated' with medicine to make or keep the outbreaks from bothering you constantly.  Also, it is your right, as your own person, should you have one of these 'diseases in the genital area's, to go somewhere for treatment, AND you are old enough to NEVER, EVER tell a 'so called friend' 

Again girlyea, life will seem unbearable at times especially at your age.  Hang in there (yeah, 'famous last words') because, and I quote from Shakespeare "This too, my dear, won't last". (I took certain liberties with that quote by adding 'my dear' as that is a misrepresentation of William S.)

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Hopefully, I may sign this;

Your Friend,




I recently shaved my pubic hair with Gillette shaving blade,,i used the blade times and then i had to travel from a hot  place to a cool place. The n one day my pubic skin was itching and red pots appeared. Is it due to the blade or its the first time i shaved the red spots occurred or is it change of location and due to the weather. Its been a week i did not shave and right now the red spots have gone but a little is still there and itches some times