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Hi everyone.. I am from Asia and I have a very dear person who lives in
Europe. She suffers from a few main problems and im sure they are
connected just that I do not know how.

She has high blood pressure sometimes and due to this has to spend a whole day in bed recuperating. She also fainted today and she felt very
weak for the rest of the day. She has fainted before in the past. She also
has a bad loss of appetite and has only roughly a single meal daily.

She has had a weak immune system since she was a child and falls sick
regularly (normal fevers) and i'm wondering if this is the root cause of
all of her problems or is it something else?

I really need someone's advice on this so badly as she is too far away from me and she refuses to see a doctor. I love her very dearly and
any help from anyone at all would mean so much to me..


It's always so hard when you see a friend not doing something in their best interest. I know that you can't force your friend to see a doctor, but I think it would be in her best interest. It's impossible to tell if her weak immune system and her high blood pressure are related, but I know a doctor would be able to help her to determine that, and even might help her get better sooner! I guess the only thing you can do is support her. How long have you known her? Is there anyway you could come visit her? Good luck to you.