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before I had my baby seven months ago I didn't have a belly I always had a big butt and a little waist like beyonce once I had the baby my belly is all flabby and I also agined 107 pounds with my pregnancy I going crazy 'couse I'm getting married in 3 months and I can't lose this belly for nothing, and I'm also scare because I don't want to lose my butt and stay with the belly what should I do to lose my belly fast and firm it?


You have the same problem as my sister . She also had baby before she get married and her belly was huge. She had only three months to lose it. She started with adjusting her nutrition. She was aware that her bigest problem are sweets so she gave up on that.  She has stopped eating after 8 pm as well and she was doing exercises in front of the tv.


We were watching movies and she was doing various types of abs. Her friend who is personal trainer had showed her the most efficent ones and she was very persistent and every night she was doing around 500 abs.


After 2,5 months her belly was almost perfect and her wedding dress fitted perfectly. That was absolutely great wedding. And she has continue with exercising  and now she is near six pack!

Hopefuly this was helpful and congratulations on your baby and on your wedding.