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Hi people. Please help, I am desperate. I found out my husband is planning a big party for our anniversary in April. He already invited everyone, over 300 people will be there. Our close and not so close relatives, our friends , everyone. A few days ago I used his phone and I accidentlly saw that he called our friend Bob. Bob is a photographer and my husband never calls him unless he needs a photographer for some event. I NEED to lose at least 15 pounds till 16th of April. I am going to buy Voyager V3 weight loss pills first thing tomorrow. How fast do you think I will be able to see the results?


Hi Mellisa8

I used these pills and I must tell you I wasn’t very satisfied with them.

At first they were not so bad. Actually first few weeks I was completely satisfied.  I don’t know how this will work for you. I lost 7 pound in a first week or two. And after I noticed the tolerance that I developed I began taking more pills a day, 2 or 3, combined with an exercise.

But after two months my complete weight loss counted 10 pounds. And I believe that is because I started exercising, if I wasn’t, I would probably lose even less. 



Well it all depends. No matter what the ads say, some people just do not react on this kind of pills.

I know a girl, she lives in my building. She was taking these pills for a while, and she never achieved losing weight. She did say she felt like she had more energy to do everyday stuff but not a single pound went away.

If these pills were, as they say, good for everyone, you would be able to lose 4 pounds a week with them.

And the results should be visible after the first week. But if I were you, I wouldn’t count so much on that.

If you bought them already, try combining working out with them.