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i'm trying to figure out how long it may take my tongue to heal after removing my tongue ring. i've had it pierced for about 10 years. i'm very worried that the hole will be permanent.

also, what is the proper care after removal?




Every person is different so it is hard to say exactly how long it will take your tongue to heal after it has been pierced for 10 years. My best friend had pierced belly button for about 10 years and when she got pregnant she needed to remove it. After the delivery and some time after that she wanted to get back her belly ring but she has discovered that there are no more holes in it. It has healed for about few months.

But her boyfriend had his tongue pierced for about 5 years and when he removed it it took him like almost a year to say that he doesn’t feel hole in it anymore. So be patient and wait. After all for 10 years you have been very good kisser because of it.