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i have been smoking marijuana since 9 years 10 15 joints per i feel dizzy cant do my work and cant understand new softwares and stuff....please tell me how can i combat this thing


Time is the only way.  Your brain is playing catch up.  A therapist once told me that most habitual weed smokers dont mature at the correct pace in their brains.  For example - you see a 22 year old pot head and he has the demeanor of a 15 year old...because he has slowed the maturity cycle of his brain.

Getting off weed is diffcult - you dont have to prove that to anyone (I know personally from experience).  Anyone who laughs at you and says "its just weed - weeed isnt addictive" - they are ignorant.  BUT - this is also great for you at the same helped me.  Everytime someone would say that to me, id get in a "hissy fit" and be like f**k you, yes it is addictive, but then i realized i could use to help me quit.  I kept telling my brain over and over and over....its just weed, your not addicted.  (even though i was addicted on a mental level).

Just remember key things when getting off pot:

Time heals - its going to be months before you feel like a normal person.

Occupy yourself - Boredum and weed....they're like best friends...dont let yourself get bored because your brain will go for the weed first thing

Force feed - you're not going to want to eat...because you've needed weed to eat for many years.  But you got to - or else you're going to feel EVEN worse.  Force food down if you got to, screw it if you throw up, keep going.  Drink protien shakes, it helps too if you cant develop that appetite.  Get some Ensures and other nutritional snacks that contain a lot of protein and carbs.

Work out - Sweat that sh*t out.  It works...for real.  Speeds up your recovery.

Time - i know i've said this like 45 times....but its the only way to really cure yourself.  Time will get rid of that dizziness...time will soon show you that you were smarter than you ever knew - soon you're going to be walking around thinking your gods gift to humanity because your so smart.


AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS...everytime you feel like smoking...masturbate.


Try it out, what have you got to lose?