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Ok gang. I'm starting to feel comfortable with asking questions that might just sound ridiculously stupid to others. I have Tri books, magazines and know the sites. I would like your opinions though on brick workouts. I value what you have to say and take it all in. If I saw you in person, I would be asking.

I just did a run (3 miles) and swim (850 yards) this am. I had a 20 minute break in between to transport myself from the gym to the pool. Is that too much time in between to consider my workout a brick?

Also, should I have done the swim first then run? I did the run that way to:
1) get a treadmill for sure before the am rush started
2) it's easier to go from dry to wet in a limited amount in time.

Thank you. Just know I appreciate your comments. :D


For swim and run it doesn't matter much. Since swimming is the most technical, do it first if you have a choice. If not, don't stress. We have to fit our training in when and how we can. When I swim after a run, my skin is supper sensitive and I can feel everything about how streamlined my body is, so that is a benefit I don't get by swimming first.

The time between events only becomes critical when doing transition runs off the bike. Try and make transition less then 5 minutes.


good for you getting into more than one sport workouts!!!

the traditional brick is biking and then running, you do want to minimize the time between the biking and running to get max benefit from this type of workout. This bike/run brick will train your body to run after biking (if you have not done this yet, you will understand that you will need to train to get those legs to run fast after biking hard). After doing bricks for a while they do become quite enjoyable and you really will find the time to get into full running stride following biking will be minimal.

I have never done many swim to bike workouts, mainly due to logistics. Combining a swim workout and a run or bike workout is good as it does train the body to perform a sport while fatigued (good for the longer races). If possible the swim should be done first.

Look out tri world here she comes!!