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iv been married for a year and a bit now , me and my husband did the impossible to be together, we had to go through so much problems to get married, and we both gave up many things for this marriage, however he has the worst temper i think he is mentally ill over anything he gets angry and hits me BADLY we just had an argument and i think he fractured my nose , i think that i'v stopped loving him but i dunno how to get out of this relation after leaving everything for him and now leaving him and starting over new is difficult, i cant say this to anyone i know, but i think am finding comfort with someone else... my thinking is not with my husband anymore after what he has done to me , my heart and mind is with someone that is more then impossible for me to be with ,i duno what to doo am so confused am still 19 i dont want to spend the rest of my life like this i have no kids so its not difficult to leave ,i ahte myself for thinking about someone else but my husband has hurt me too much i dunno if am a bad person.. some one give me some advice please



I'm sorry you're going through this. You are NOT a bad person.

You'll need to be strong to do this. Please go to the doctors and get your nose checked. Be honest and tell them how it happened. You should then contact the police, or have the doctors do it. File a report.

Your husband will most likely be arrested and charged. He will get very upset with you, and blame you, for this.

It is NOT your fault. You need to protect yourself first.

There is nothing wrong with getting out of a bad relationship. You are 19. You do not want to continue in an abusive relationship.

Will he change? Possibly. He needs to be evaluated and treated. If he won't agree, or stops treatment, then don't even reconsider being with him.

Be strong, take care of yourself, stay with a friend. Don't be alone right now.